Nathan + Zoë

Come and celebrate with us on 22 September 2018


On 22nd September, Zoë and I will undertake a ceremony that will result in us both receiving marital status, to each other. We will no doubt revile even the strongest-stomached of you with this ultimate display of public affection, and for this we can only apologise. 

In order to offset this we will be throwing a party, which will involve conversing, music, dancing, extraordinary amounts of food and beverages.

Come along to share the experience and indulge in the most expensive party we'll ever throw. All the details you need to know are on this page.


Ollie says please let us know if you can make it


the day

We're going to have a casual ceremony followed by a celebration at the Oak Grove. You'll be expected to participate in some drinking, eating, gaming and dancing. We should mention here that the Oak Grove is a field, a very beautiful field, so make sure those dancing shoes are flat and waterproof. 


13:00 – 13:30
The Oak Grove,
Twinney Wharf, Susans Ln, 
Upchurch, ME9 7HA

The ceremony

14:00 – 14:30

afternoon Party

15:00 - 18.00
Bubbles, nibbles and garden games


18:00 - 19.00
There'll be a few street food vans serving our favourite foods for an informal dinner. 
Just help yourself and grab a seat.

evening Party

19:00 - 23.00
Please make sure to vomit in the designated areas

bed time

Please book your taxi's for 23:15, show's over.


Accommodation & travel

It's a bit out in the sticks for us Londoners, so here's some details of where to stay and how to get around.

Local B&Bs & hotels

Suffield House Bed and Breakfast

Hartlip Place Bed & Breakfast

Irwin Grange Bed & Breakfast (best website ever)

Pope Cottage Bed and Breakfast

Ship & Trades

Premier Inn
Gillingham Business Park
Chatham/Gillingham Victory Pier


Holiday Inn



Let's go green cabs
01795 444444

Rainham Cab Co
01634 233333

Windmill Taxis
01634 582582



Trains from London go to either Rainham or Newington


Since 2007...



Your presence on our big day is gift enough for us.
But if you feel you'd like to give us a gift, we'd love a contribution towards our honeymoon.